• Dr. Monica Cavender

Attention! Time to Salute (Multiplication Style)

You'll need three family members that are familiar with multiplication facts. You will also need a deck of cards with kings and jacks removed (ace = 1, queen = 0).

How to play: Determine which of the three family members will be the leader for the first draw. This player takes the deck (face down) and hands each of the other players a card. Without looking at the card, the two players place the card on their foreheads facing outward, so the others can see it. The leader states the product (answer in a multiplication problem) of the two cards. The other two players must determine the value of the cards on their foreheads, based on hearing the product and seeing one factor. Both players share how they determined their number. Rotate so that one of the other players is now the leader. Continue until the deck is gone.

Possible variations: Use only designated cards, such as 1 - 5 and 10 to start, or jacks and queens as 11s and 12s to extend. Score points by having the faster player keep the cards.

There are many more multiplication games at Zach's Backpack.com.

**There are many variations of this game published in multiple resources for teachers. This particular version is from Jennifer Bay-Williams & Gina Kling's book, Math Fact Fluency.

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