• Dr. Monica Cavender

Burgers with Pickles

BURGERS with Pickles: In this game, children roll a dice twice. The first roll tells how many hamburgers to draw. The second roll tells them how many pickles to put on EACH burger. Then they write the number sentence that will help them answer the question, “How many pickles in all?”

For example, I roll a dice and get 6, so I draw 6 big burgers. I roll again and I get 3 so I put 3 pickles on each burger. Then I write 6 x 3 = 18 and tells me there are 18 pickles in all.

In recent years brain researchers have found that the students who are most successful with number problems are those who are using different brain pathways – one that is numerical and symbolic and the other that involves more intuitive and spatial reasoning (Park & Brannon, 2013).

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