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Rock, Paper, Scissors ~ MATH

Kids are home and we are looking for things to do together everyday. Here at Zach's Backpack we have posted some new ideas centered around mathematical reasoning. These activities are FREE. Each activity promotes talking about what you and your child are thinking about solving simple equations.

We all know the Rock, Paper, Scizzors game. Try a family version titled "I. LOVE. MATH."

Players make a fist, tap a table saying I (tap) Love (tap) Math (tap), then shoot out a number of fingers. The two players add together the sum and the first one to shout it out wins. Double points if you can explain TWO strategies to get to that sum. Repeat many times! So FUN!

Change it up with using two hands for higher numbers or try out multiplying the numbers instead of adding. See detailed directions under Games at Zach's Backpack.com.

***Note to parents: When we were kids, mathematically minded people were known as those who could correctly answer equations quickly. What research has shown us now, is that accuracy is still very important in combination with thinking flexibly about numbers. So share with your child a couple of ways to think about getting the answer to the fact and encourage him/her to share their thinking as well.

***Dr. Newton is an international mathematics educator. Her resources and ideas are used here to help bring mathematical thinking into the home for parents and children to use together. We are forever grateful for Dr. Newton and her team in continuing to promote mathematical fluency.

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